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Looking for some information about how we work or what to expect when you book Crème Brûlée for your event? Here are some things we get asked often, with some basic responses. Drop us a message if you want to know anything else or if you'd like some clarification on anything below.

How long do you normally play for?
We usually play 2 sets of around 60 minutes with a break of at least 30 minutes between, but we’re happy to discuss how we can work with you if there’s something different you’d like such as 3 shorter sets.


Do I need to pay a deposit to secure a booking?
We ask that you pay 10% of the agreed fee at least 3 months prior to the event so that we can cover our own costs in the event of a cancellation. In the extremely unlikely event that we had to cancel for any reason, we would return your deposit to you in full and try our best to help you to find an alternative band wherever possible.


Can we see you play live before we book you for our event?
We try to play regular public ‘showcase’ gigs in public bars/pubs around Manchester and the Northwest so that you can have the opportunity to see us in live and in the flesh before booking! You can find details of any upcoming gigs by visiting our Facebook page. We do post videos from our rehearsals and public events  (and private gigs where permitted) onto our Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Is there any equipment I need to provide?
We only need power sockets, as we provide all sound and lighting equipment and anything else we need to perform for your guests. We would need at least 4 power outlets. It would be useful to know in advance if there are any specific technical considerations such as a sound limiter.


How much time do you need to set up?
We’d ideally need access to the space at least an hour and a half before your guests will be in that space so that we can set up our staging, PA, and lighting and do a soundcheck.


How much space do you need?
We are a 5-piece band and the smallest setup we can work with comfortably is approximately 4 meters by 3 meters. If the available space is smaller than this, we'd be willing to try to work something out! Either way, if you’re able to send us photos or a plan of the space we’ll be playing in that would be really useful.


What do you wear when you perform?
Our usual band attire for private functions is black shirts with burgundy ties/bowties, black jeans, and smart/casual trainers. If you have a specific colour theme you’d like us to incorporate, we’d be happy to try to fit in with your day!


Do you take requests?
We plan our full setlists in advance so that we can provide a professional and fun night for everyone, so we aren’t usually able to accommodate requests on the night. You can take a look at our repertoire to see what to expect.


However, for weddings, we offer the option for us to rehearse and perform some songs specifically for you and your guests, so feel free to send us a list of songs you’d like to hear and we can pick 3 or 4 that we think would fit well in our set, and get rehearsing as soon as your booking is confirmed!


Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
Yes. If your venue requires the certificate, you can request it by contacting us.


Has all of your equipment undergone Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)?
Yes. If your venue requires the certificate, you can request it by contacting us.

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